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Ivan Bilokon

This blog is about my findings
Windows Azure VM disappeared after trial limit reached
Recently I set up SharePoint farm in my customer's Windows Azure trial subscription. In a few days he received e-mail saying that the subscription reached allowed limit. So he decided to move to pay-as-you-go subscription.  But (as you may know) all the Virtual machines and virtual networks were deleted. Instead empty Cloud Services named exactly as you VMs appeared. The problem and possible solutions described in many posts like:

Generally, folks suggest 2 possible recovery approaches:
  1. Create new VMs using existing disks as templates.
  2. If (1) don't work (as was for me because of "A lease conflict occurred with the blob" error), download CloudXplorer and copy VHDs into different place.

I found alternative solution that worked for me.

  1. First you need to delete all the Cloud Services that are named after your VMs. Otherwise you will not be able to create VMs with the same DNS names.
  2. Go to Virtual Machines and select Disks. You will see all you disks that are not attached to any VM. You should delete them, but be careful: DON'T delete associated VHD (you will be prompted for that option).
  3. Now you will be able to create Images from VHDs. Go to Images and create new images from the VHDs.
  4. Recreate your virtual networks with the same settings (hope you remember them).
  5. Recreate your VMs using Images you already created and their original DNS names. If you set up DNS server IP in you virtual networks you need to create the DNS server VM first.

Wait a bit while your VM is creating. Because you didn't run sysprep before image creation, the VM will stuck in "Running (Provisioning)". Don't worry - the VM is ready to use and seems to be operational anyway.

Posted: Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:57 PM від Ivan Bilokon
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